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Sep '17

Title and Construction Update

Development of Stages 2, 11 and 12A is now well underway, with works expected to be completed on-site in October 2017, and titles expected to be granted in November and December 2017. Stage 10 titles are expected to be granted in September 2017.

Works have continued on Stage 13 and at the current rate of progress we anticipate works will be finished on this Stage in November 2017, and titles granted to purchasers shortly after.

Works in Stages 14 and 15 are set to commence in September 2017 and are expected to be complete in June 2018.

Stage 17 construction works are yet to be confirmed however the anticipated completion & titles are expected in September 2018 (subject to weather).

Production Program

Stage Forecast Titles
9 Titled
12A Dec 2017
2 Nov 2017
10 Sep 2017
11 Dec 2017
13 Dec 2017
14 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018
16 Aug 2018
17 Sep 2018

Moremac Property Group is committed to ensuring purchasers get access to their lots as soon as possible. However delays may occur due to unforeseen weather conditions or construction setbacks. The above information was provided on 11th September 2017 - we encourage buyers to check this website for updated information.